Talmud and Midrash, commentative and interpretative writings that hold a place in the Jewish religious tradition second only to the Bible (Old Testament).


Bet Talmud “House of Learning” (Ages 10-14yrs). We will study each piece as we would a classical rabbinic midrash, tracing its Torah sources and rabbinic influences, and attempting to understand the unique voice each piece introduces to the tradition.


King Ptolemy II (283-246 bce) wanted a Greek translation of the Torah (the Septuagint).

Three things might commonly differentiate the study of Gemara in the Bet Midrash and the study of Talmud in the academy: 1) The goal of study. I would, however, like to discuss a short incident, which follows the two major ones, the return of Yaakov to Beit-El. .

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cussed three levels of Jewish education (Bet Talmud, Bet Sefer and Bet Midrash), we demonstrated that to the great extent were based on the practice of memori-zation, that is, “learning by heart. [i] But there is another first beit []. [i] But there is another first beit [].

We will also consider some of the objections to the introduction of such methodologies, as well as possible responses to those objections. Part 1.


Sep 21, 2014 · According to the gemara in Berakhot (30b), the source for praying towards Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount is the verse (from Shlomo’s prayer at the dedication of the Beit Ha-mikdash), “They should pray to God towards Your chosen city.

Part 1. .

]” The Talmud thus deduces that the reason the land was destroyed was that the Jews didn’t make a blessing before they began to study the Torah. .

Here are some common Hebrew terms using the word Bet: Bet Yisrael.

Bet Talmud – “House of Learning” (Ages 10-14yrs) Now, the kids who were really the best of the best among them were allowed to.


. . They are all late aggadic works, the oldest of them.

Pronunciation of beit midrash with 2 audio pronunciations. Some of these Midrashim were published by A. ” Children from an early age ware trained to me-morize significant portions of text. Nechunya praying before entering the study hall and they wondered what could possibly be so threatening about the time spent learning. These students were called talmidim i n Hebrew, which is translated disciple.

The Talmud is a collection of rabbinic writings that offer commentary and interpretation on the Hebrew Bible.

Part 1. Of all the kings of Sefer Melakhim, Yoshiyahu is unsurpassed as a champion of God worship, cleansing the kingdom of its idolatry and returning the nation to God.

Sign of Gods favor.

it has information and schedules for Beit Midrash Ohel Yitzhak.


The Midrash offers another reason why the Torah started with a “Bet” which is a direct message to heretics.

In a bet midrash, Jews study the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud.